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I have been an artist for as long as I can remember and photography is my passion. I used to be a successful fine artist, but since I shot my first wedding I never looked back. I am madly and completely in love with weddings, I guess it is the romantic in me :)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Floating Down the River........

If you don't hear from me again I might be floating down the river and maybe in 6 months I will arrive in Florida. Just joking.........but we sure have a lot of rain. Two years ago this time we were in a deep drought and now we can't seem to shut off the faucet, but I am not complaining........just wished it would stop every Friday so we can shoot our weddings without having to worry about thunderstorms, rain or even hail.
Steve is from Wales and he is used to all this rain, as for me.......I do like some sunshine here and there. Living in the woods makes all this rain into mold and my nose seems to get upset with that.....when I moved to the Mountains 21 years ago it would rain every night for an hour, but then it would go away. It was wonderful, specially in the summer because it rained just long enough to cool things off....
This constant rain is driving one of my dogs into least I think so, because his favorite place at the moment is behind the Fridge unless he is under the kitchen curtains. When he disappears I know rain is on the way....he is better then any weather forecast on the net.
With that said, I will take advantage of today being a holiday and go to bed and watch a movie.......I think I worked enough for today :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yesterday's Wedding......

We were so lucky with the weather yesterday. Everything went well, no rain until everything was done and over with and the couple had a beautiful wedding by the waterfall and we had a chance to get some nice photos outdoors. Tiffany looked so beautiful in her gown and Kevin could not been happier to see his pretty bride. It was a fairytale wedding with all the bells and whistles. Her aunt is a wedding coordinator and she took charge of the decorating and getting everybody ready for this beautiful event. You could tell that her heart was truly in the job of making her nieces wedding very special.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another wedding coming up.........

and again the weather man says RAIN.........I can't believe this years weather. For some many years we had none and now it won't stop. Shooting weddings in the rain are only fun if the couples don't mind.......Actually some of the prettiest shots last year I got in the rain, but the couple was ready to play and could care less that it was raining cats and dogs. We shall see what Saturday brings :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Makeup Information for Brides!

Today I read an interesting article about makeup and brides. It made a lot of sense and I thought I would pass it along on my blog.

In the article they suggest for brides not to go to a tanning parlor for a week prior to their wedding, not to use paint on tan and to stay away from anything that includes glitter.
I know from experience while taking photos of brides and their guests that the advice is very much good advice. Tanning parlors and paint on tan make people look very articial in photographs and the glitter lotions or powders give my clients little spots that look like pimples. Glitter is like little mirrors and it reflects
the light from either the sun or the flash.

Again, I think this is all great advice and proven to be true. Please keep this in mind on your wedding day.

Asheville Wedding Highlights!

A little video highlight of Heather and Patrick's Asheville, NC Wedding.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday Wedding in Clayton, GA

Saturday we were scheduled to photograph Ginnie and Jeff's wedding in Clayton. Ginnie used to be my neighbor when I first moved to the mountains from the Florida Keys in the late 80's. Her parents bought the property closest to my house and build a beautiful home. I was sorry to see that after the family grew they had to move to a bigger home and left our lovely valley.
I was so excited when Ginnie called me a while back and asked me to photograph her wedding. It was such a joy to see her get married to such a nice young man.
Steve and I had a lot of fun covering their wedding and to get to see the entire Boyd family again. We wish them much happiness in their new home in Alabama.....and I hope they will stay in touch.
We had a busy weekend and all I can say is that we truly enjoyed our work, specially since the weather cleared up for both the weddings that we covered.

Chota Falls Friday Afternoon....

Friday afternoon we were covering the wedding of Tammy and Robert at Chota Falls the weather cleared up just in time for their waterfall wedding. It was a very romantic wedding of two people very much in love. Tammy and Robert are from Savannah and we made arrangements to meet again as soon as it get's cooler in Savannah for a Trash the Dress Session in the Old Town of that lovely city. I love Savannah and photographing this sweet couple in the surroundings of so much history will be such a pleasure.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Atlanta Wedding......

The same day Steve and I shot Heather and Patrick's wedding in Asheville we had another wedding in Atlanta to cover. Heather and Scott are friends of a couple we photographed on their wedding day a couple of years ago and when Katy and Dan recommended us to them I was already booked, my associate Laura was shooting a wedding up North and so I asked another photographer, Josh Johnson who I am very found of if he would consider shooting their wedding for me. He was kind enough to accept the offer and this leaves me with doing the post work and the design of their album with his lovely photographs. Katy and Dan have a special place in my heart since their wedding and when Heather and Scott came up to the mountains for their engagement session we had this instant connection with them too. I hope the 6 of us can find the time to get together this summer and Steve and I will be happy to just chill with them for a day and show them some of the beauty up here in these mountains. is just a little preview of their wedding photos. Heather was absolutely beautiful (I just loved her dress, for some reason it reminds me of Grace Kelly) and Scott was extremely handsome too. What a beautiful couple.......inside and out.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Asheville Wedding!

This past weekend we drove up to Asheville, North Carolina on Friday to photograph Heather and Patrick's Wedding on Saturday. Asheville is a very artsy town and to me it almost felt like I was back in Europe. We attended the rehearsal just to see how the ceremony was going to transpire and then we walked back to our hotel. We just made it before a big hail storm hit...... I sat there watching my car being bombarded by those pieces of hail and wondered how the weather would be the next day so I checked and it said more of the same. Well, that did not make my night by all means :) I don't mind rain......I can work around rain, but the thought of hail on a wedding day was not what I enjoyed.
As it turned out, Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful and just before we had to leave for the church it rained just a tiny bit, nothing to worry about. When we arrived at the church it stopped and the rest of the day and night was perfect. Sometimes you just get lucky and the weatherman is totally wrong :) The wedding was lovely and the reception was held at The Venue. Everything was beautifully decorated and the coordinator Steven Rogers did a wonderful job. The flowers were incredible and of course the couple was stunning. Since this was a referral from a previous wedding we saw a lot of familiar faces and that is always fun. Congratulations Heather and Patrick on your marriage and your wonderful wedding.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Congratulations Cathy and Ryan!

A couple of weeks ago Laura had a lovely engagement session with Cathy and Ryan in Atlanta. She really liked this couple and I can see why, they had a lot of fun during the shoot and it was a pleasure to do the post work on the photos.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My friend and associate Laura

I don't know what I would have done without my associate Laura over the last few years, specially during the time my husband Jack died. Laura stood by my side in that difficult time, talked to me for hours on end on the phone late at night when I felt lonely and lost and she would shoot almost every wedding with me for a while just in case I felt overwhelmed. I shot my first wedding 5days after my husband's funeral and I knew that if things got bad Laura was there to take over.
It all worked out and I only felt one time like crying when the DJ played a song that was always special for my husband and myself. I learned one thing through that wedding, not only did I have a wonderful friend that was there for me, but also that since I loved my work I would survive and survive I did.
Everybody that follows my blog knows that last year on Valentines Day I married a wonderful man and life is once more perfect. Of course Laura was there to take our pictures and along with some very close friends we celebrated the beginning of a new life for Steve and myself.
The question is .........why am I writing all Laura is leaving tomorrow to shoot a wedding up North and I will miss her, I always do when she goes out of town specially after a wedding. I still call her after every wedding even if she did not shoot with me or for me that day just to discuss the wedding and our work. This special lady shoots a lot of my weddings for me if I am already booked or quite often shoots along with me. She is not only a friend that I love with all my heart, but she is also a most talented photographer and I trust her completely knowing that my clients are in the best hands with her. I never have to worry.....she always delivers me beautiful images that both of us can be very proud of. Thank you Laura for being my associate and most of all my friend.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet Wedding!

We had a really sweet wedding this past weekend. The bride had 4 precious children and it was so nice to see this little family unite with a new father they seemed to really take to. We wish them much happiness .........

Monday, May 3, 2010

Congratulations Elise and Adam!

Two weeks ago Saturday we photographed a wedding and it was one of the worst rain storms lately, but the wedding was lovely and the couple were fantastic......