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I have been an artist for as long as I can remember and photography is my passion. I used to be a successful fine artist, but since I shot my first wedding I never looked back. I am madly and completely in love with weddings, I guess it is the romantic in me :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Romance at it's best!

As Steve and I covered the wedding for Annemaria and Trace we knew right away that their wedding was all about romance and love. We enjoyed so much photographing their special day that I just had to make this little video slideshow for this wonderful couple. Merry Christmas Annemaria and Trace..........

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Mountain Wedding!

In November Linda and Tim married at the Old Dillard House in Dillard, Georgia. It was a sweet and romantic wedding on a beautiful fall day. Congratulations to the happy couple! I hope they will enjoy this little surprise.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Eloisa and Josue!

A little while back Laura my associate covered this wedding for me and I just made this little slideshow as a gift for Eloisa and Josue. Again congratulations to the happy couple!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I had a baby session a few weeks ago of another couple who's wedding I covered and I just now got around to get the photos ready. Rylee was not very happy the day of the session, but she was cute as can be and I did manage to get some sweet shots of her.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I never have been.........

a big fan of Elvis impersonators, but this guy is really good ........ :)
he is also a friend of my husbands and lives in Wales, his name is Nathan Jones.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Romantic Afternoon by a Waterfall!

Meredith and Yance decided to do a "Trash the Dress Session" by my favorite waterfall late this summer. All of us had a wonderful time even though the water started to get quite chilly already.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Memories of our February Wedding

Steve made a video with the photos from our wedding which was held February 14, 2009 at Splendormountain. Chevin, my best friend and owner of this beautiful place not only allowed us to get married there, but she also performed our ceremony. A few of the photos were taken before we went up to her beautiful mountain at Chota Falls.

Heather and Scott

Congratulations Heather and Scott on your upcoming marriage. It was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you and to do your engagement session

Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Incredible Day in the Country!

We were asked about a month and half ago to do a wedding at the Dillard House in Dillard, Georgia. Yesterday was the day and not only did we have a perfect fall day for a wedding ceremony in a pasture, but the couple was so much fun to work with.
The sky was blue and the setting was very romantic and lovely, what more can one ask for. Bishop John performed the ceremony under an old tree and all of us had tears in our eyes seeing these two people giving each other their vows. We want to thank the Dillard House Stables for allowing us to use one of their horses and to let us enter their petting zoo so the couple could play with the various animals there. Congratulations Linda and Tim and we hope to see you again sometime up here in our precious mountains.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Asheville Engagement Session!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking a nice drive up to Asheville to do an engagement session for one of our couples from next year. Heather and Patrick live at this lovely location called Biltmore Lake and we were able to capture some very nice photos and it was such a pleasure to meet with them on such a beautiful fall day. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lovely Fall Wedding at Lake Rabun Hotel!

Congratulations Amy and Robin on your wedding at the Lake Rabun Hotel. It was a perfect fall day and the leaves have changed to beautiful colors already. I hope everybody enjoyed this lovely wedding at such a romantic historical hotel.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yesterday I had the pleasure to have a little session with the baby of one of my couples who's wedding I covered. Rylee was not in the mood to become famous and did not want to be photographed without her pacifier, but I did manage to get some cute shots of the little girl. I just love to see the babies and each one has such a special place in my heart.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Fun Engagement Session!

Sunday late morning Steve and I had an appointment with Valerie and Russ to take them to our favorite waterfall deep in the National Forest for an engagement session. Russ brought his jeep and since it is his pride and joy it was fun to incorporate it in this shoot. We had so much fun doing this session...... not only are Valerie and Russ two really nice people, but the sun came out and it even warmed up a little from the days before and everything was perfect. We can't wait to cover their wedding in January........

Chota Falls Wedding

While I was busy shooting my wedding at Kingwood Laura my associate covered a wedding for me at Chota Falls. Jana and Shannon got married beneath the waterfall and had a wonderful wedding. All of us were very lucky that it did not rain and that the ceremonies could be held as planned. Congratulations Jana and Shannon!

Kingwood Resort Wedding

This past weekend we had two wedding as I posted previously. I covered April and Rob's wedding at Kingwood Resort and Country Club. Even though it was very chilly they were able to hold their ceremony under the big oak tree as they had planned. I know April and the girls were cold, but they managed it all with big smiles. Well, one thing is for sure........April and Rob won't be cold this week since they left on Monday for their honeymoon in Jamaica. I wish them the most wonderful time.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Amanda and Jon Congratulations!

I am a little behind with my post with a few photos of Amanda and Jon. Laura my associate shot this wedding for me while I covered the wedding in Florida and I just got the files. I want to congratulate Amanda and Jon on their marriage and wish them the very best.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy weekend.........

We had two great weddings this weekend and a fun engagement session today. The weather except for being chilly was good too, actually today it was lovely. As soon as I get around to look at all those photos I will pick a few and post some here.
Started my wood stove the first time this year and the house is nice and toasty, what more can one ask for. It seems that winter is coming fast this time and I am preparing for a snowy one, my wood shed is full, the chimney swept and tomorrow we are getting HD TV :) so after a hard day at work on the computer we can snuggle up by the fire and watch a good movie ..........just like newly weds should.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sea Side Wedding!

This past week we drove to Sea Side, Florida to cover Sara and Harendra's Wedding on the beach. Sea Side is a lovely resort filled with colorful cottages, little shops and restaurans of all kind and the beach is covered with the softest sand. The weather gave us a break even though it called for rain on Saturday. We were happy to see that the weather man was wrong this time so after the wedding we were able to take their photos on the beach just before sunset.
Sara and Harendra are a very nice couple and since I had covered the wedding of her friend two years ago I was happy to see many familiar faces.
The wedding coordinators at Sea Side went out of their way to be helpful and it was a pleasure to work with them, so all around it was a wonderful wedding for the couple and for us to be able to photograph it.
We want to thank everybody, specially this wonderful couple and wish them all the best in their future........Sara and Harendra, congratulations!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yesterday was a beautiful ALMOST fall day!
We photographed a wedding on Lake Rabun yesterday and we were blessed with great weather and a very nice couple. The pre wedding photos were taken on the backside of the lake at the brides grandmothers cabin and the ceremony and reception were held at the Lake Rabun Pavilion. Callie and Brett have known each other since they were in Middle School and it was nice to see them get married surrounded by their friends and family. Congratulations Callie and Brett.......

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rainy Day Georgia Wedding!

What if you wake up on your wedding day and it RAINS and I mean raining with capital letters. Saturday the entire State of Georgia was under a flood watch and this happened to one of the nicest couples I have met in a long time. No, they were not depressed or upset.......they went on as if it was the brightest sunny day and they were not going to let the rain ruin their special time. Instead they went with it and
made the VERY best of what was given to them as far as weather.
It rained all day in various degrees, but the worst of the rain came just about the time when our lovely bride Jennifer arrived at the waterfall in a horse carriage to meet Aaron, her husband to be to say their vows to each other and you can see on her smile that no amount of rain could wipe that kind of smile of her face.
They had decided earlier in the day that they were going to go ahead with their dream of a waterfall wedding and so we covered that tender rainy ceremony for them.
Their guest stayed under cover and watched as they gave each other promises of love and those promises were witnessed by their maid of honor and their best man. Both her father and and her stepfather were troopers too, not only did they walk her down the aisle to meet Aaron, but her father also read a beautiful scripture and her stepfather released the most wonderful butterflies as they kissed and all this in one of the worst rains we have seen in years.
After the ceremony we went back out to the waterfall which came down like roaring thunder with it's full flow of water and took some incredible romantic shots of them
as the rain continued. Jennifer and Aaron......thank you, for staying calm, happy and the beautiful people that you are through all of this, we will never forget you guys and we admire you so much! You can see the happiness in Jennifer's face as she and Aaron danced their first dance later on in the evening. Chota Falls is a beautiful spot even in the rain and her bouquet was just incredible, Henry Luther from Creative Accents and his assistant Maria did an outstanding job on their flower creations.
I can't wait for Jennifer and Aaron to come back next summer for a more "FORMAL" Trash the Dress Session under one of my favorite waterfalls in the area.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sometimes ...............

Sometimes a bride inspires me, with her looks and her personality, Jennifer was such a bride and I found myself enjoying creating this picture of this lovely bride. I knew when she lifted her train up in the air as we were leaving her cabin that I just had to have that shot. Thank you Jennifer for getting my creative juices flowing :)!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Water and more water.........

All I can say is.........I should have never drilled for that well last year. Ever since I got one it RAINS and RAINS and RAINS. Needless to say my spring is going better then ever hahahahaha.
Well, I think we had enough rain and it can quit now for a while. I feel like a fish.......I love rain in small doses, but this is getting a bit to much. Just checked the creek below my house and it is steadily rising, I bet in another hour or so the road will be flooded. I am just glad our house sits on the side of a mountain all we have to worry about is that none of our big trees decide to much is to much and come tumbling down.
Our county is on flood alert, actually the whole state of Georgia is. I hope everybody will be alright.

My Best to Jennifer and Chris!

The wedding yesterday at Chota Falls turned into a Chapel Wedding instead of the planned Waterfall Wedding because we had heavy rains all day. At one point we did have a little window without and I was able to take some photos of the couple by the falls. Rain or shine everybody was happy and the wedding went well. Congratulations Jennifer and Chris!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Congratulations Jennifer and Corey!

The Wedding at Montaluce was beautiful and we were blessed with a nice sunny day. As for me I started out a little rough at first, but as the day progressed my health improved and even though Laura my associate came just in case I felt worse I stayed for the rest of the time and we all got some great shots.
Jennifer was a very gracious bride and Corey was a real sweet groom and fun to work with. I wish them the very best in their life ahead and I hope they have a fun time in Italy, I know they had a lovely preview of that wonderful country at Montaluce in the North Georgia Mountains.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Montaluce Wedding!

Well, we are getting ready to go to Montaluce to cover a wedding. I believe the weather is going to be nice and I did worry about that the other day when we had giant hail and high winds. I don't care what the weather does during the week, but on Saturdays............please let it be nice :)!
I will have my entire crew there........specially since I woke this morning feeling really weird, so I called Laura my associate to come too just in case this does not go away between now and the start of the wedding. As you know..........the show must go on :) and Jennifer will be the lucky one since now she will have 3 photographers instead of two, well that is if this one will get over this in the next few hours.
At either case, I feel better with Laura present just in case this gets beyond my control. Like I always say........IT IS WHAT IT IS!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Little Advice to Brides!

This is a little advice from a photographer to brides when they plan their wedding.
It is so important that they have a Wedding Coordinator specially if they have a large wedding party of 5 or more attentants. That many people need guidance with the lineup at the ceremony, somebody to guide them as when to walk down the aisle at the right time and all that good stuff that goes along with a wedding.
I found myself recently in a wedding where there was no Wedding Coordinator and just to make the wedding move along smoothly I as the photographer ended up lining everybody up, giving them cues to walk down the aisle and back and even had to put the boutonnieres on the groomsmen and fathers. Please don't missunderstand, I don't mind helping out, but it is not the photographers job to have to do all this extra work at a wedding. We have to concentrate on our work and doing the job of a Wedding Coordinator is just not part of that.
If you don't have a friend that is familiar with this kind of thing PLEASE hire somebody to do this job, it is so important to a well organized wedding.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Andria and Bryan

Last year I met Andria and Bryan at a party of a friend and when they decided to get married this year they asked us do the the photography of their special wedding day moments. Since I was already booked Laura, my trusted associate covered the wedding this past weekend and I will be doing the post work and the design of their book.
Congratulations to you Andria and Bryan.........