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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Water and more water.........

All I can say is.........I should have never drilled for that well last year. Ever since I got one it RAINS and RAINS and RAINS. Needless to say my spring is going better then ever hahahahaha.
Well, I think we had enough rain and it can quit now for a while. I feel like a fish.......I love rain in small doses, but this is getting a bit to much. Just checked the creek below my house and it is steadily rising, I bet in another hour or so the road will be flooded. I am just glad our house sits on the side of a mountain all we have to worry about is that none of our big trees decide to much is to much and come tumbling down.
Our county is on flood alert, actually the whole state of Georgia is. I hope everybody will be alright.

1 comment:

Kb_Mal said...

The rain is wild! I haven't seen it like this in years.

But you know what, if you wouldn't have drilled that well, it wouldn't have rained like this. Another case of "it is what it is!"