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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Little Advice to Brides!

This is a little advice from a photographer to brides when they plan their wedding.
It is so important that they have a Wedding Coordinator specially if they have a large wedding party of 5 or more attentants. That many people need guidance with the lineup at the ceremony, somebody to guide them as when to walk down the aisle at the right time and all that good stuff that goes along with a wedding.
I found myself recently in a wedding where there was no Wedding Coordinator and just to make the wedding move along smoothly I as the photographer ended up lining everybody up, giving them cues to walk down the aisle and back and even had to put the boutonnieres on the groomsmen and fathers. Please don't missunderstand, I don't mind helping out, but it is not the photographers job to have to do all this extra work at a wedding. We have to concentrate on our work and doing the job of a Wedding Coordinator is just not part of that.
If you don't have a friend that is familiar with this kind of thing PLEASE hire somebody to do this job, it is so important to a well organized wedding.

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Kb_Mal said...

great advice, Steffi!

and for brides that are looking at venues, an "included" wedding coordinator is a BIG plus (our venue, Wolf Mountain Vineyards, had one)