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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Makeup Information for Brides!

Today I read an interesting article about makeup and brides. It made a lot of sense and I thought I would pass it along on my blog.

In the article they suggest for brides not to go to a tanning parlor for a week prior to their wedding, not to use paint on tan and to stay away from anything that includes glitter.
I know from experience while taking photos of brides and their guests that the advice is very much good advice. Tanning parlors and paint on tan make people look very articial in photographs and the glitter lotions or powders give my clients little spots that look like pimples. Glitter is like little mirrors and it reflects
the light from either the sun or the flash.

Again, I think this is all great advice and proven to be true. Please keep this in mind on your wedding day.

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