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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Mother's Love for her Daughters!

My friend Elaine English wrote this poem and it describes the love I feel for my daughters better then I could in written words. Thank you Elaine for allowing me to post this to express my love for my daughters......both my girls are a gift send from heaven for which I will forever be grateful for.
I hope these words will keep you warm when life surrounds you with a freezing storm that never seems to end, remember forgiveness and love will always warm your heart even in the coldest days. With all my LOVE ALWAYS! Mom

Worlds of words, and not one the right one.

None desirable enough

No word or phrase is adequate

To describe my love for you

And never will there be one found

My love for you is higher than high

But not high enough

My love for you is sunlight filtering through leaves

And still not lovely enough

My love is, more than all else,

Catching my breath and keeping fingers crossed

Hoping, but not all hope

Wishing, but unobtrusively

Praying, with what prayerful attitudes I have

When my thoughts are of my love for you

I think of shuddered windows against the wind and snow-

Of braided rugs and lit wood fires

Of all the quaint things I have never known

Only read of

And yet, when I think of my love for you

I think of your's for me

And need no words.

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