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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wedding versus IPhone Commercial a Plea to Wedding Guests!

As professional wedding photographers we always strive to give our clients the very best photos of their special day. Sometimes as hard as we try it is very hard to do our job because some of the guests insist of taking photos with their IPhones and Tablets of various sizes. I know they don't mean to make our life more difficult but they do, if nothing else they should keep in mind that the couple could have such wonderful photos of their ceremony instead of Apple worthy commercials.

Some people even get so caught up in their phone photography that they step right in front of the photographer who was paid to catch those special moments.............. so not only does the couple
not get the photo quality they paid for but chances are a very special moment was missed by
the paid photographer just so somebody can get a less then perfect photo to post online to show that they were there.

If anybody is planning on attending a wedding please keep your phone or tablet in your pocket or purse, enjoy the ceremony and this special time of your friends or family and let us do our job. This is not about money, this is about giving our clients wonderful photo memories and we would so appreciate your understanding.

A request to our couples or any couple that is getting married, please make your wedding a unplugged event!

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