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Friday, September 11, 2015

Photographic Memories Are Forever!

A post on Facebook by a friend made me think how important photography really is
and always has been to help us remember special people in our life's, special places we visited and even our beloved pets that might have passed on. Through photographs we can watch our grandchildren grow even though they might live thousands of miles away, follow their interests and even as they get older and get married relive their wedding over and over again once the event is long over. Enjoy the adventures that our children go on now that they are grown and have their own life's when they share their photographs with us.

One of the times when photographs really become important is when somebody we dearly loved has died. I know when my husband died I searched high and low for any photo of him, any video that might have his voice just to hear and see him again. Eventually live goes on and as it does we heal and the pain we felt on their passing will be replaced with wonderful memories of all the good times and happiness when we come across an image in some drawer or photo book of one of those times.
Nothing is more precious then the memories that are safely tucked away in our hearts other then recorded images either as a photograph or a video, because those things will bring back all the visual memories that slowly fade in our minds.

I will share a few of my photographic memories that are very special to me.......

My grandniece visiting from Brazil a few years ago.

Our special girl Lacy taken a little nap on her favorite couch. She is now in doggie heaven
but looking at this photo I know what a wonderful life she had.

My brother and me when I was a little girl. He past away a couple of years ago and of all the photos I
have of him this is my favorite.

My husband shortly before he passed away.

My friend Laura took this image when Steve and I were married a few years ago.

My little grandson enjoying his bath when he was a baby, hard to believe he now plays football.

Memories of Florence Italy.
These are just a few of so many of my visual memories.
Always in my heart .........forever in my mind!
This blog post was inspired by my friend Skip Cohen, a man that I greatly admire.

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