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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is there a difference?!?!

Is there a difference between wedding pics and wedding photography? There sure is......anybody can take wedding pics, but to photograph a wedding properly there is more to that then just picking up a camera and pointing it at the couple.
The photographer has to be able to take great photographs or at the very least good ones in all kinds of lighting situations and just keeping the camera on automatic will not give you photographs that are more then just pics.
These days there are a lot of people that consider themselves wedding photographers after they purchased A CAMERA and maybe they even took pictures at some friends wedding........and now they are ready to be professionals. I have seen and heard nightmare stories about this kind of photographer, but once these stories are at hand, it is to late. The couple will have some inferior photos and it is to late to catch those moments that were so special to them at that point again.
I don't understand why somebody would trust something like their wedding to somebody that has no valid track record of photographing weddings. There are so many professional photographers available in all kind of price is a shame to just let anybody take pictures of your wedding specially someone that is not qualified to take on such an important job with so many photographers to choose from who can give you the quality you are looking for.
Another thing to consider.........professional photographers have more then one camera. Anybody that is serious about their profession has at least two of everything, because I can tell you from experience that a camera can stop working right in the middle of a ceremony and if that person you hire to take your pictures does not have that backup equipment it will leave you with NO photographic memories of your special day or at the very least not all of your memories.
I am not writing this post to get people to book us for their wedding photography, I am writing this post because I am concerned on how many people hire these so called photographers and get burned. I have had several calls this year from brides that had hired someone, gave them a deposit and then could not reach them by phone and email.........before the wedding, do you really think they will be able to reach them after it is all over and they are paid in full. One of the brides that called me was even concerned that the photographer would not show up for her wedding. THAT is a very sad situation.
Again, please hire a PROFESSIONAL to whom it is important that their clients are happy all the way around, because that is how they make their living .....and do check out their work before you hire anybody. Anyone can take a few good pictures or in the case of professionals photos.........but consistency is the most important part. If your photographer has been photographing weddings for years and their work is consistent you probably can't go wrong.....testimonials from happy clients will make it even more a sure thing.
A professional wedding photographer will not only be able to take wonderful photos, but they also know the in and out of a wedding. The photographer is only one small part of such an event, a lot of other people are involved in putting on a successful wedding.....the coordinators, the florist, the caterer, the cake company and of course the entire staff at a venue. All of these people have important jobs and it is equally important that the photographer knows how to work with each and everyone of those vendors. With some of the weddings there has to be a lot of communication between the photographer and some of these other people that are involved in such an event to make the day go smoothly.
With this said.....go and do your homework before you hire a photographer for your wedding and don't hire somebody just because you know them, or they are a cousin of a friend and so on. Have fun and enjoy the search for the perfect person to record your wedding day moments.