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I have been an artist for as long as I can remember and photography is my passion. I used to be a successful fine artist, but since I shot my first wedding I never looked back. I am madly and completely in love with weddings, I guess it is the romantic in me :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

North Georgia - Chota Falls Wedding of Megan and Michael!

This past Sunday we had another wonderful wedding at Chota Falls .....lovely couple, wonderful people all the way around. It is always so much fun to shoot the wedding when everybody is so nice. We had a pretty good rain come down just before the ceremony, but it was decided to wait a little bit to see if it would stop before moving the ceremony from the waterfall to the chapel and stop it did.
Even though it delayed things a little everybody was in good spirits and Megan and Michael were married at the falls just as they had wished.

This morning we were suppose to do a Trash the Dress Session at another waterfall, but I made the call to not do it. It rained all night and the rocks at the fall are slick even in the best of times, but
after a heavy rain as we had all night I was concerned that the bride and groom would not be safe and I recommended that we push the session of for a while. We might do it next summer ........... I hope they will go for it then, because it is always so much fun.
I always promised myself that I would not ever put somebody at risk just to get some fab is just not worth it and I stuck by my promise as much as I wanted to do this with this lovely couple.

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