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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hiring a Wedding Photographer!

In this day and age it is easy to hire a photographer for your wedding because everybody that has a camera is now a photographer and some of those "Newbies" as we call them in our world of Professional Photography are quite good, but 90% of the time you will run the risk of having somebody cover your most memorable moments of your wedding by somebody that has no and or very little experience in shooting weddings and they are doing it with equipment that was intended for casual snap shots by the average consumer. Forget about them having backup
gear in case something goes wrong with their camera and that does happen more often then not.

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook where a mother was looking for a photographer for her daughters wedding and she stated that she wanted two photographers but not anybody that charged so much that she would be paying off their mortgage. I can understand the part of saving money, but trust me when a professional photographer shoots a wedding the client is not paying off that mortgage.

WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE PAYING FOR: Someone who can take photos.


Someone who can truly create beautiful images of your special day and most of all has the skill,
experience, and technical knowledge of capturing those images. They also know all about the flow of a wedding so that the photography part of your wedding is a pleasant and fun experience instead of a stressful nightmare.


- Someone who owns professional camera and lighting equipment that they invested $50 000.00
and more for.

- Lighting Equipment

- Computer Equipment powerful and fast enough to handle high-resolution files

- Image editing software

- A professional will not be finished with your photos once they are shot, they will spend days
and many hours on editing the photos so you have absolutely beautiful images and they will do this
in a timely manner, you won't have to wait for months and months to get your photos. Customer service is as important to them as the photography itself.

- Hundreds of hours of education ( a professional will keep up with the newest and best)
and training required to operate all the above effectively in all kinds of situation and lighting.

- A second photographer (if available who is able to shoot beautiful photographs)

- Data storage and back-ups (a professional will back up your photos to multiple places)

- Transportation costs

- Office expenses

- Promotion and website cost

- Telephone and Internet service

- Income and sales tax

- Business Insurance

Not to mention:
A living wage so the photographer can pay for food and all the other living expenses we all have.

We are not in the business of trying to rip anybody off, but just like any other business we have
expenses and just like any true professional we will do all we can to give you everything you contracted us for.......... truly beautiful images of one of your most important days in your life.
Why would you trust those moments for which some of you spend months to prepare for with all
the other wedding professionals to a SOMETIME PHOTOGRAPHER.

I could show you many examples for wedding photography gone wrong, but I don't want to do that. You can probably Google that on your own and see all the nightmare other's have experienced
trying to save a few dollar for their photography. Just remember you have only one chance to get
those photos on your wedding day........afterwards you don't want to say, I WISHED I HAD.....

Your photographic memories will last you a lifetime and the photographs of your wedding will be with you forever just as the love that you will share.

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Barbara said...

Absolutely true! You are making the investment of a lifetime! The dress you wear and the photographs you take are sometimes passed from generation to generation to generation. I have dear friends that live with the painful regret of not having captured the most important day of their lives! Thankfully, I hired the absolute best and have a treasure trove to share with friends and family. Thank you so much, Steffi! I recommend Cariad Photography to everyone!