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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

At Last......

We finally got the long awaited letter from the State Department. The Fiance Visa that I requested was approved on this end. Now we have to wait for the embassy in London to contact Steve for his appointment. I hope we have all the papers in place that they might ask for. I did some research and I think we got everything he might need so things won't get delayed any longer. I still hope that we will be together for Christmas, but in my logic mind I also knows that between all the holidays it might not happen..........but you can't blame a girl for hoping.
It would be so nice if we could start the new year together instead him in Wales and me here in the mountains.
He still has not sold his house, things are just as bad in the UK as here, but he said that would not stop him from coming. His sister will take care of things so he can come as soon as they give us the final ok. We have not seen each other since early April and it would be so nice.
It is so hard to be apart for so long when you love somebody, but I keep thinking of all of our soldiers being apart from their loved ones and that gives me the strength to wait this out.

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K_Streams_Her_C said...

Wow! How exciting!!!! Congrats! And what a nice and thoughtful analogy at the end of your blog.