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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Love is meant to be forever even for Senior Dogs!

Most of the time I write about my weddings, wedding related things and post photos, but today I feel
like writing about something that is really troubling me lately. In the last few days I have noticed on Facebook so many adult and senior dogs being turned into shelters, most of the time kill shelters and it breaks my heart.
How can somebody just give away their friend, a member of their family for so many years. Is everything these days disposable? If something get's old do we just opt to throw it out even if it is
somebody that has been a faithful friend for so many years. But come to think about it not to long ago the elder humans in a family were cherished and taken care of by their family and now they usually end up in some nursing home, so why should it be different with the family dog. Something is not right with all this, maybe we should go back to the old ways and keep the ones that gave us life, nurtured us and loved us the love and care they deserve. Maybe then the family dog will also have a chance to live out his life within the family instead of being dumped into a shelter when he is not young and cute anymore or when he might start to smell a little bit different. There is something to be said of the good old times.........when LOVE meant to be forever even for Senior Dogs.
I do have a request, please don't buy a dog, please adopt one of the many babies old or young that are waiting in shelters for a forever home........ save a life and PLEASE SPAY or NEUTER your dog!

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